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Advertising on SOCAL Golfer Deals = More Quality Customers.

Looking for ways to get more golfers to your course or to sell more of your products and services to the right customers? The SOCAL Golfer Deals platform is a great way to increase your revenue and attract real golfers to your business.  We exclusively feature golf items and know just how to target market to ensure you can increase sales, reduce your costs, and grow your business with the right clientele in mind.

Consider the benefits of promoting your business with SOCAL Golfer Deals’ risk-free advertising program:

  • Spotlight Your Business: You get to choose how you are featured.  Either focus on a targeted audience of people who reside in your local community or spread the news by reaching golfers all across the country.
  • No Risk, No Upfront Cost: We handle the marketing, email delivery, and the secure online transactions. You just need to prepare for the new golfers to show up! Our fees are absorbed into a revenue share model, so you never have to worry about upfront costs or writing checks to us.
  • Word-of-Mouth Buzz: We make it easy for SOCAL Golfer Deals shoppers to share your golf deal with everyone they know. In one simple click, your business will be spread across the social media community (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and forwarded via email).
  • Immediate Revenue: Consumers can either purchase a “Voucher Code” for your tee time or stay and play package or they can directly purchase your golf items without even having to set foot into your store.
  • Performance-Based Advertising: You’ll be able to measure and track the results of every deal campaign you run with SOCAL Golfer Deals.


Submitting Your Golf Deal Is Easy!

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