Zero THC – Great Results!

“I wanted to take CBD for awhile but can’t take THC because of work. The 1500mg tincture has worked wonders for my stiffness and I sleep like a rock! So grateful for this WONDERFUL product!”

So Far, So Good!

“I was a little skeptical to start since I had not heard much about Medterra. Well, I can verify that this CBD is the real deal. I have no doubt about the potency and they are either putting in a little extra CBD or the previous products I had tried were not nearly as pure. I really started feeling a difference around day 3 after taking the 25mg capsule each morning. As an older man, I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. Thanks Medterra!”

Works great with sports therapy

“After a recent running injury, my right hip flexor has been incredibly tight. I have been going to weekly sports therapy, which is working well. I use the Medterra’s cooling cream every morning and night too. I feel like it has been a great addition to my routine.”