Introducing the… SC300

Upgraded with cutting-edge live doppler technology that compares with the most expensive launch monitor systems out there. And at just a fraction of the cost, it can help you improve like you never thought possible.

The SC300 uses Barometric Pressure Calibration and Doppler Radar Technology to give you the same level of accuracy as most expensive systems out there.

Know Your Distance. Monitor Your Improvement.

Can you imagine how your game will change with this information in hand?

I mean, how many golfers do you know that can precisely identify their distances with each club, and have the ability to immediately analyze their swing and performance?

Again, you’ll get immediate, super-accurate feedback on your…

  • Distance Control – to understand how far you hit each club
  • Carry Distance – how well you hit the ball
  • Smash Factor – and how you hit it
  • Swing Speed – to track your power
  • Launch Angle – for trajectory control
  • Apex – to track ball flight over obstacles or in windy conditions

You’ll also get Free Unlimited Access to the SC300 Tracking App

When you install this powerful app on your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to track every detail of every shot you take.

Can you imagine how much your game could change if you actually knew how far you were hitting each club on average?

With the SC300 and the mobile tracking app, you can track each swing, and even look at your trends over time.

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Portable Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC300

Your SC300 Package Includes:

SC300 Portable Launch Monitor

USB Power Charge Cord

Remote Control

Tracking App

User Manual

Retail Price: $549.99

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SC300 Launch Monitor



SC300 Swing Caddie

Finally, a completely PORTABLE and AFFORDABLE LAUNCH MONITOR that you can carry in your golf bag and use ANYWHERE


$549.99 Value

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