Why clean your clubs the old fashion way?

If you think about it, really pay attention, there really isn’t a simple easy way to keep your irons clean while on the range during your practice session. In between selecting different clubs isn’t the issue, it’s when your hitting 10 to 15 7 irons in a row, you want to be able to stay in your thought process, close to your stance. So when you execute a shot with your irons and you take a divot, there is often quite a bit of dirt or sand on your club. So now you have to clean it somehow, right? No one would step in and try and hit another shot with a dirty club! So, what do you do?

With the FootCaddy you have a simple and easy method of clearing the sand, dirt, or grass from your iron quickly, thus allowing you to stay in your routine and focus on your next practice shot. If you are working on a draw for instance, you want to be able to hit 5-10 shots in a row. If your club is getting dirty every time, it disrupts what you are focused on doing. With the FootCaddy, a quick swipe or two, you can focus on your swing path and ball striking with a clear visual of a clean club. You will be able to get better ball striking feedback with your clean club and stay focused on what you should be focused on, your swing and shot.


  • Clean Clubs Make Better Impact!
  • Wearable Club Cleaning Tool
  • Made in the USA


  • Men’s X-Large 11.5-14 | Large 8.5-11 | Medium 6 – 8
  • Women’s Large 8-12 | Medium 5- 7.5


Keep Clubs Clean on the Range

  • Better ball impact
  • Improved practice
  • Better shot feedback

Wear Over Your Shoe

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • You won’t notice it on your foot
  • It’s there when you need it

Less Iron & Wedge Wear

  • Clean your clubs every shot
  • Cleans off all types of foreign material
  • Keeps your grooves fresh

On the Course

  • More consistent shot prep
  • Stay in your shot routine
  • Great for wet conditions

Additional information


Female, Male


Left (Right Handed Golfer), Right (Left Handed Golfer)


Medium – Men's Sizes -> 6 – 8 Women’s Sizes -> 5 – 7.5, Large, X-Large